The Alaskan Wall

Located in Alaska on the side of the historic Iditarod Trail there is a wall comprised of hundreds of names. These names represent good people, pets and schools throughout the world.
This wall of names provides a place where people from throughout the world can submit a name and have it hand-carved on an individual eight food fir board. The names
are intended to remain at the trail indefinitely. Each of these
names also appear indefinitely on the world wide web:

The Alaskan Wall  

  The Alaskan Wall is located within a pristine garden, and each name
serves as a reminder to those who have lived, and to those of us living!

If  you are planning a trip to Alaska,
 feel free to come by the gardens and visit us.

Many of the names upon this wall are of folks who have
never been to Alaska - but have left their mark here!

We'll be happy to include the name(s) that you submit!

Each name is engraved on a weather-proofed fir board
and placed upon the wall and on the wall's internet registry!

A suggested $100.00 donation per name will go

to the Alaskan Gardens, a non-profit organization dedicated to
nature and life.